Custom Bath Mats Wholesale

As an indispensable household item in the family, more and more people are starting to buy bath mats. So now it’s a good business opportunity to start selling bath mats. If you want to find a reliable bath mat manufacturer to wholesale products, FYX, as a famous manufacturer of bath mats will be your good choice. FYX bath mat manufacturers can provide professional customization services in many aspects, such as styles, materials, and sizes. At the same time, our products will come with detailed cleaning and care instructions to extend the service life of the product.
  • MOQ: 250 pcs
  • Bath Mat Materials: wooden bath mat, rubber bath mat, bamboo bath mat, cotton bath mat, etc.
  • Bath Mat Types: long bath mat, toilet bath mat, kids bath mat, extra long bath mat, christmas bath mat, circle bath mat, navy bath mat, etc.
  • Bath Mat Sizes: large bath mat, small bathtub mat, oversize bath rug, xl bath mat, 60 inch bath rug, 60 inch bath rug, 12 inch bath mat, 60 inch bath mat, oversize bath mat, etc.

Custom Bath Mat We Made in the Past

Why Choose FYXmat Bath Mat Manufacturer?

  • A reliable manufacturer of bathroom mats can produce bathroom mats with good slip resistance and warmth retention. FYX bath mats have maintained long-term cooperation with many gyms, spas, hotels and resorts, and the products we provide make customers very satisfied.
  • We can provide a variety of customized materials for customers to choose, such as: memory foam bath mat, wooden bath mat, bamboo bath mat, rubber bath mat.
  • FYX bath mat manufacturer has focused on kids bath mats for many years, and can meet customers’ needs for customized patterns on various mats.
  • Our factory assembly line can cut the mat into various sizes.

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