How to Start a Table Mat Business?
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How to Start a Table Mat Business?

Well, table mats are a two-in-one solution that can not only help defend your expensive wood or sleek glass dining table from spills and smudges but can also be used to fortify the colour and look of your dining room decor. It is true that tablecloths also serve pretty much the same purpose, but they are getting a bit out-fashioned nowadays while, on the other hand, table mats are versatile and trendy. Whether the dish is hot or cold, a good table mat will always protect your delicate dining tables.

No doubt, it is a sophisticated extra when setting a table that can make a strong impression on the visitors. Table mats are available in various designs, colours, and sizes to suit your decor needs. Beautifully themed table mats are dominating the markets, and an excellent customisation option helps to best serve your goals. Generally, they aren’t that expensive. However, some high-end table mats can cost you a healthy sum of money.

If you are planning to invest, then table mat business is a profitable option. The article holds an in-depth overview of the essentials you need to know before stepping into this business.

Why should you invest in Table Mat Business?

Table mats are an absolute necessity for a restaurant. Every restaurant uses table mats to decorate the tables; it is also used in some households as it keeps the table clean and protects it against the spill and scratches from hard objects.

According to our research, mat business is prone to rapid growth as the vaccine of Covid-19 has arrived and shows promising results worldwide. So, we will finally get rid of the lockdown, and the restaurant will be open for customers again. So, at this time, almost every restaurant will look for new crockery and clothes.

So, we can see a clear peak in the charts of table mat business in coming months.

Let’s learn about some things that you must know before starting your table mat business.

Know your Customer

Research is very important for the business, and it must be done long before producing the products. Because it’s not right to go to the market and buy 100s of table mat without knowing the customer preference and market, this step will end up in disaster. That’s why knowing the customer base is essential.

Knowing your customer base will help you set a tone for the business. It aids the business owner understands the popular products, material, type, designs, and, most importantly, customer preference.

Where do you get your placemats?

You can get your products available to the market in two ways. The first one is to become the manufacturer of the product. If you have a broad vision and experience in the market, you can build your factory and start developing the products. But building your plant of table mats will take money and time. If you have money and a good business and marketing plan you can develop your product and sell it to the market.

You will produce the table mats and distribute them to different companies that will sell them. Your role in this type of setting is of the supplier. You will manufacture large quantities of table mats and distribute them to wholesalers or retailers who will sell these to buyers. Although it may seem a simple and easy task, extensive research and analysis will need to be done on the market and potential customers. Selling your table mats to retail stores after manufacturing forces you to get serious and safe packaging for your product; moreover, shipping and logistics processes need to be on time.

Owing a table mat plant is difficult and requires a lot of experience or consulting in the field. For you to own a plant, you should have enough money and learn about factory management and get consultancy. You can also earn your experience from the entrepreneurs who are already in the field.

Suppose you don’t have enough money or simply don’t want to engage yourself in the inconveniences of the manufacturing industry. In that case, you can always look for entrepreneurs who will make products and sell them to you, and now you will sell them to the buyers.

In this option, your role will be of the wholesaler or retailer. Many people in the world are engaged in this line of business. You have to look for the companies that produce table mats and contact them to learn more about table mat trends and the market. Before buying any table mat from any manufacturer, you have to do your complete research about the types of products they made, the material they used, the lifespan of the product, and many other things. Following are some popular verified manufacturers:

  • Qingdao Huayi Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd
  • Dongguan Vulcanpro Silicone Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd
  • Nanjing Skypro Rubber and Plastic Co. Ltd
  • Jution Silicone and Rubber Co. Ltd
  • Xiamen Xintonglian Plastic Co. Ltd
  • Shine Peak Group Limited and many others

You can approach these manufacturers through their official websites or contact information available online and place your order. All the producers have certain qualities, terms and conditions that you have to meet. For example, Shine Peak Group has a minimum order limit of 100 pieces. You have to look at all of these things and pick a cost-effective manufacturer for your business.

Picking and designing your table mats

You have to do thorough research before choosing any manufacturer instead of picking the first one you find. Consider the pros and cons of each manufacturer’s product, ask relevant questions, inquire about prices and ask all kinds of different questions before picking a supplier for yourself.

You have to look at your target market before picking your items. Some manufacturers offer customised table mats. These mats may be costlier than the general mats and take more time, but they will help you attract more customers and meet the needs of your target market.

If your target market is a particular restaurant, you can customise these mats according to their colour pallets and designs to attract them. You can also decide the thickness, heat bearing capacity, and other qualities in your customised table mats. You will find out the needs and demands of your customer and design the mat accordingly. You can also put the logo of your brand on the table mat to emphasise your brand image.

Business Plan

A business plan is a written document describing the detail of how a business will work; moreover, it also represents the objectives, competitors, financial plans, operational plans and much more.

A business plan is crucial for every business, and the same is the case with a table mat business. It helps us learn more about our business, helps us set our business goals. The business plan also allows us to make a proper financial, marketing, and operational plan. Significantly, it helps us learn about our competitors, our strengths and the weaknesses.

Things don’t always go as plan, but it’s better to plan the activities to ensure smooth functioning.

The business plan should be thorough; it must encompass everything from the supply chain to the customer. Following are some vital things that you must include in your business plan.


The description is the first thing in this you will describe your table mat business and products. Like you will describe the type of material, features of your products etc. You can also write the objectives and goals of your business.

Market Research

It is a crucial thing; in market research, you will do comprehensive research to identify your target market and customer base. This will include the type of restaurants and families who are going to use the table mat. It also helps you establish a good product for them.


SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. This factor is deeply connected to the analysis. You will analyse your strengths, like how you are better than your competitors and what makes you unique. Finding your weakness is essential because it helps you eliminate threats, which can be pretty costly for a start-up. Opportunities are available factors that can develop your table mat business. Lastly, threats are obstacles and hurdles that can harm your business.

Operational and Financial Plan

The operational plan encompasses the business role of every person, how we can utilise the skills and mindset of every partner or worker to enhance the functionality and workflow. Operational plan contributes largely to the accomplishment of the business objective.

The financial plan includes everything related to the money. In financial plan we discuss the total cost, profits, risks, backup and forecast of sales. The plan gives an idea about the total cost and profit of the business.

Marketing Plan

Lastly, we have a marketing plan; in this, we describe the business’s marketing strategies. Like how are we going to market our products, i.e. online platforms, TV, advertising boards etc. It also describes the amount we are going to spend on marketing.

All these factors will organise your business flow, and you can also use it as a pitch in front of investors.

Medium of selling

This is a necessary procedure to consider before starting your brand. Following are the ways to sell your product.

Online platform

You can develop a website yourself or hire a web developer to do this job and start selling your mats on that website. Initially, you can use social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest to sell your product and earn the customers’ trust. Many people are doing their businesses on these platforms. Customers will contact you by sending a direct message or by calling you on the number you have uploaded on your page.

After you have enough customers, you can launch your website and do digital marketing to secure a large audience. This will take some time, but continuous efforts will bring the reward.

Physical storefront

Either you will rent a store or place your products in other people’s stores in the neighbourhood of your target customers and sell your mats. This type of selling will be costly, as it will demand the rent of the store, maintenance bills, employee salaries, storage costs, and many other expenditures. But this type has its advantages. Some people want to see the thing before buying, so they prefer to purchase goods from stores after checking them thoroughly. Also, people who don’t trust online shopping will go to for brick and mortar.

Now that all the aspects of your table mat business are clear to you, you can execute the plan and hope for the best! We hope this article was helpful and will allow you to kick-start your very own table mat business

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