Mat Wholesale

FYX mat manufacturer have many years of production experience. Our mat factory is located in China, so we have lower labor costs than other mat manufacturers, This allows FYX mat manufacturer to provide customers with cheaper wholesale prices. FYX cushion manufacturer provides the widest range of cushion products for commercial, industrial and professional applications. Our products include rubber mats, floor mats, bathroom mats, yoga mats, car mats, table mats and more. In terms of customer service, the FYX mat supplier has a well-trained professional customer support team that can provide delivery services and after-sales services to our customers at any time.

FYX mat manufacturer has been maintaining good cooperation with the world’s top material suppliers to ensure that our products have first-class quality and competitive prices. At the same time, we can provide a variety of customized services, such as types, colors, sizes, materials, and so on.

  • Mat types: floor mat, yoga mat, bath mat, car mat, table mat, plastic mat, rubber mat, etc
  • Mat sizes: large mat, small mat,  medium mat, etc.
  • Mat material: pvc yoga mat, natural rubber, plastic, wool, cotton, etc.

If you want to start a wholesale mat business, it is important to choose a mat supplier with a variety of product categories. FYX  mat manufacturer is a very good choice among them. We can produce the best-selling mat types on the market, including: 

  • Yoga Mat: FYX mat factory produces yoga mats for multinational sports companies and trendy brands all year round. Our yoga mats use the most environmentally friendly PE and rubber materials on the market without any peculiar smell. Our products can provide the most comfortable sports environment.
  • Floor Mat: Floor mats are the most common mat products in life. FYX mat manufacturer can provide floor mats made of plastic and rubber. At the same time, customers can customize any patterns and colors about our products.
  • Car Mat: FYX cushion manufacturers have many years of manufacturing experience on car cushions. Our material usually chooses carpet (which can be easier to use on the heel) or rubber. The latter is usually better at repelling mud and water.
  • Bath Mat: FYX mat manufacturer has a wide range of bath mat products, from baby bath mats, acrylic bath mats to hot spring bath mats, we can provide a variety of high-absorption bath mats.
  • Rubber Mat: Rubber mats are mainly used as basic safety floor equipment to increase comfort under the feet, reduce fatigue, prevent slippage and absorb impact. The rubber material is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Plastic Mat: Tpe mats are mainly made of thermoplastic elastomers and other closed-cell foam materials that foam at high temperatures, which are antibacterial and easy to clean. This kind of mat is environmentally friendly and has the characteristics of non-PVC, non-toxic, non-heavy metals and non-irritating odor.
  • PVC Mat: PVC is a thermoplastic material with two basic forms-rigid and flexible. It is a good choice in environments where rubber mats are not suitable.