Top Car Mat Manufacturer Lists 2021

Top Car Mat Manufacturer Lists 2021

Car mats are an essential component of any vehicle. They are exposed to a lot of dirt and harsh conditions every day. From the mud on shoes to juices spilled on the mats, they are subject to a lot of damage! Imagine if all this dirt went directly onto the car without a mat: It would be a disaster!

So you can say car mats are very important to a car. People need them every day. If you intend to get into the business of car mats, you need to know all about the top car mat manufacturers. There are so many notable companies selling excellent quality car mats in bulk. This article is going to talk about some of the best car mat manufacturing companies that can give you just what you need.

Just Carpets

Just Carpets is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality car mats. They aim to provide their customers with only the highest quality products to make their cars feel like heaven.

Just Carpets began manufacturing car mats in 2013. First and foremost, they concentrated on the private sector and began providing individual customers with a unique car mat collection. The Car mats could be ordered online and be received within five working days. These great car mats were from all over Europe.

They provide services in the business-to-business sector as well. They work by supplying car mats to various companies in the automotive industry and the private sector. And they do this by managing the manufacturing of mats for large camper and caravan producers in Germany. At this point in their business life cycle, they now get orders to manufacture thousands of car mats regularly. They produce tens of thousands of mats and supply them to automotive industries as well as other retailers. In short, their business has expanded relatively in the past couple of years.

All of the products produced by JustCarpets are manufactured by themselves. They do not outsource it because they have an in-company product development program. They can quickly provide you with all kinds of services without a problem. This Car manufacturer has a reputation for outstanding customer service. They offer full-time support to every client.

They currently have nine different styles of car mat carpets in inventory. The array of products is remarkable, ranging from a soft fiber-bonded product to a heavy and thick velour with a solid lining quality product; there’s something for everyone. With their ZÜND cutting machine, they can precisely cut the mats according to the customer’s requirements. The below machines are also available:

In addition to fantastic manpower and talented employees, the below machines are also available to supplement the production of excellent quality products:

  • An HF Welding system with high frequency: This is used to produce heel pads, Rubber, BMW Velcro device, Decorative elements.
  • Embroidery machines to create intricate and elegant designs on the mats. They can also be used for the embroidery of logos on mats.
  • Binding machines are used on the edges. A double needle machine is a kind of binding machine that ensures that the car mat has a smooth and neat finishing.

All in all, JustCarpets is one of the top car mat manufacturers that offer flexible and fast delivery services and ensure that services and products are delivered on time to the customers.

Ningbo Lonsign Auto Accessories

Yet another competent and remarkable manufacturer and supplier of car floor mats is the Ningbo Lonsign manufacturing company. They have been in the manufacturing business for a long time. They started in 1996 and were producing car accessories like steering wheel covers and car organizers. After that, they expanded into manufacturing wiper blades, sun shades, car covers, and car floor mats.

You can probably tell by their history that they have a level of expertise in the domain of car accessory manufacturing. They know what they are doing! So you can trust them to provide you with only the best of products. Currently, they have a full range of car accessories in stock. There are various styles and designs of car accessories within each category, so you have a vast product range to choose from.

All of the staff at this car manufacturing company are highly skilled and experienced. Most of the workers have been there for the past five years. So as the employees are happy, this means the company is satisfactory! Thanks to the happy workers, the customer service is remarkable. The staff at Ningbo Lonsign will give you heart-warming customer service and ensure that all your needs are met thoroughly.

The company promises 100% excellence in terms of quality. Before mass production of any design of car mats, they initiate a pre-production process. In this process, an inspection of the products is done. After the manufacturers are satisfied with the sample product, they continue to the mass production stage.

Their mission is to create only the best products and provide you with excellent customer service. This is why they are popular and will not disappoint you!

Hebei Tianyue Auto Parts Co. Ltd

In 1994, the Hebei Tianyue Car Parts Co., Ltd. was established. They are a reputable producer of rubber and plastic products. Their production facility is 12000 square meters in size and employs over 150 people. Their products and services include:

  • EPDM Sealing Strips.
  • Rubber Hoses.
  • Car Seals.
  • Technology design
  • Tooling.
  • Extruding.
  • Secondary operations.

They will give you high-quality car mats and other car/auto-related products in bulk. Thanks to their experience and specialization in various products, they can provide excellent services and quality to you. Apart from a vast product line, the company is RoHS and ISO9001:2008 accredited. They have 12 rubber extrusion lines in use. They will guarantee quality products and timely delivery thanks to advanced manufacturing equipment and testers.

The main markets covered by this company include:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Mid East Eastern Asia
  • Western Europe
  • Central America
  • Northern Europe

This company must be considered if you are looking for the top car mat manufacturing companies.

Dongyang Minghui Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.

The next valuable addition to the best car mat manufacturers’ list would be the Dongyayng Minghui Auto Accessories Company.

Dongyang Minghui Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of car mats and other auto accessories. Apart from car mats, they also produce steering wheel covers and other automotive parts. The company is based in Dongyang, Zhejiang. They have a long history in the automotive accessories industry. Their dedication and commitment have earned them a fairly solid reputation. Customers from all around the world have spoken well of the serviced and goods of this company. They have an excellent reputation in the car mat industry thanks to word of mouth.

The company has introduced a stringent and comprehensive quality management framework to ensure that each product is up to their customers’ high standards and expectations. All products go through a rigorous testing and inspection process before they are shipped to the ultimate consumer. They strive to deliver you the best quality through this inspection process. Every product is tested for defects and anomalies before the sale. They claim that their mission is to assist customers in achieving their objectives. They put in the effort to ensure that all the needs of the customers are met sincerely.

Without a doubt, this car mat manufacturer has earned a name for itself in the industry for good reasons. If you plan on purchasing car mats for yourself or business purposes, don’t hesitate to contact the Dongyang Minghui Auto Accessories Company.

Weather Tech

A popular name in the car accessory manufacturing industry is the WeatherTech car accessory company. They have a long-standing history of being quality manufacturers of automotive accessories. They make generic as well as custom-made products to suit your needs.

WeatherTech has its own manufacturing facility that is located somewhere near Chicago in the united states of America. It is undoubtedly a successful company. You can tell by their sales (around 1 billion) that the company sells a lot and people trust them immensely. They have an excellent reputation and brand image all over the world.

Weather tech claims that all of their products are designed to meet the most demanding customers’ needs. All the car mats that they produce are for a premium or luxury vehicles. So there is no room for cheapness or inferior quality products here!

With a distribution network of over 84 countries, WeatherTech indeed does have a trustable brand image out there!

Customers are considered a first priority. Without customer satisfaction, there is no possibility of company satisfaction. For this reason, they have a customer service center that is designed specifically to cater to the needs of demanding customers. The staff will greet you in a friendly manner and ensure that you do not have any complaints.

The best part about this car mat manufacturer is that they offer a lifetime warranty with all their products. This is evidence of class quality service. You can make your car mat purchase knowing that you purchased Car mats from just the right company that cares about your well-being!

Shenzhen ATR Industries Co Ltd.

Last on the list is the Shenzhen ATR industries. This is a large company that has been in the car accessory manufacturing business for a long, long time. They have been in the car accessory business for about 20 years. The company started small but slowly and gradually expanded into Research and development, production, as well as exporting.

This car mat manufacturer supplies to retail stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mail order stores, wholesalers, retailers, and many more! They have a broad customer base, so you can tell that people trust them with bulk manufacturing. They seem to have developed a reputation in the car accessory manufacturing industry.

The company has head offices in more than three cities. They keep a check on industry standards and requirements to keep up with the latest advancements. This is an essential thing in business because it helps to be in touch with customers’ needs and wants. The automobile industry is very dynamic, with recent changes in trends every day. For example, the leg space is separate in different cars. The Shenzhen ATR company keeps track of stuff like this and ensures that their products are in line with changing consumer preferences and market trends.

They have a variety of products. You can choose from about 10,000 products! Pick what you need according to your wants. Keep in mind that this car mat manufacturer doesn’t just provide manufacturing services. You can also get research and development services from them too. And if you are not so good with design, they can offer design services as well.

Indeed, this company is your one shop stop for all the car accessories that you might need. You can pitch your idea to them, and they will make sure it comes to life.

So if you are looking for excellent quality car mats that will help maintain car floors, then you should consider the above-mentioned car mat manufacturing companies for your next purchase. They all guarantee high-quality service and a customer service experience to remember. Indeed, these are the best car mat manufacturers in the market!

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