Top Yoga Mat Manufacturer List of 2021

Top Yoga Mat Manufacturer List of 2021


Yoga is widely thought of as one of the best exercises or practices to relax the mind, body, and soul. It encompasses a series of physical acts that help foster harmony among different parts of your body. A good yoga mat will be your companion in achieving a great yoga experience. As a retailer, you’ll probably wish to find the best yoga mat manufacturer to buy yoga mats in bulk.

With all the different brands and manufacturers out there, all selling exceptional yoga mats, you are bound to get confused. This article is going to discuss the top yoga mat brands of 2021.

Yoga mats help prevent slipping of your hands and also add comfort to your yoga experience. Some believe that yoga mats are not absolutely necessary to own. But we think that they are essential and can help you in a multitude of ways. Needless to say, the demand for yoga mats and yoga-related products has increased tremendously. All yoga performers need one.

Of course, to buy yoga mats in bulk from a reliable supplier, you will have to be well-informed and look up the best possible options. So if you’re asking: what is the best yoga mat manufacturers in the market? The answer is going to be revealed to you shortly.

1. FYXMat

Our favourite brand for buying some of the most exquisite and relaxing yoga mats is the FYXMat manufacturer. This wholesale mat manufacturing company promises to deliver the finest quality yoga mats in the market. Not only are their mats extraordinarily comfortable and convenient, but they are also priced agreeably. Their mats will give you the comfort that you need without burning a massive hole in your pocket.

FYXMat yoga mat manufacturer possesses their own factory where high-quality mats are manufactured according to your own needs. Thanks to the factory, the brand can ensure that all the rugs produced are up to the mark and won’t disappoint the customers in any way.

Located in China, FYXMat manufacturer works hard day and night in their factories to deliver quality and comfort. Most brands that have their own factory units are more capable of giving you an agreeable price. It is no different for FYXMat. They give you a competitive advantage by giving you lower prices for custom-made mats.

This brand is famous for providing you with a wide variety of mats, including home mats, gym mats, yoga mats, table mats, etc. So you can say that they know what they are doing! Needless to say, FYXMat yoga mat manufacturer knows a lot when it comes to mats and especially yoga mats.

A fantastic thing about this mat manufacturing brand is that they make customized yoga mats! That’s right. FYXMat yoga mat manufacturer allows you to design your very own yoga mat, and they will quickly deliver it to you! Not only do you get to choose your own colours, but you can also get your own designs, marks, and logos printed on them. You are allowed to be unique and individual. You choose your own dimensions, designs, colours, logos, and everything else you need on the mats.

To ensure quality and consistency, we can assure you that this company will never fail to meet your standards. Using cheap alternatives is never an option for FYX mat manufacturer! They have a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces per order, which is very low to cater to many small-sized businesses. Rest assured, this mat company is the answer to what is the best yoga mat brand?

The manufacturer specializes in making different mats, indoor and outdoor mattress products, bathroom mats, bed mats, kitchen mats, living room blankets, corridor blankets, and other mats, carpets, etc. In addition, they accept OEM requests and render goods as per recommendations from customers. They ship their goods to various countries. They have an excellent reputation for quality and timely delivery in both local and regional markets.

In short, the FYXMat yoga mat manufacturer give you the freedom to be you by allowing mass customization of mats in bulk at reasonable prices. You will be provided with individual solutions and quality, all at an affordable rate. So what are you waiting for? Place your orders right away!

2. Microcell Composite Company

Now here is another spectacular brand that supplies some of the best yoga mats in the market. They are one of the top yoga mat manufacturers in 2021. Not only are their yoga mats super comfortable and worthwhile, but they are also eco-friendly!

In this era of health and fitness, people are increasingly becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Some try their best to preserve the ecosystem through the use of non-hazardous and eco-friendly products. One hazardous material is PVC. Due to the toxic compounds that PVC produces upon degradation, it is considered a non-friendly material for the environment.

Microcell has taken note of the concerns people had regarding PVC and has come up with an alternative to PVC yoga mats. In fact, Microcell was the first company that attempted to produce eco-friendly yoga mats. This socially responsible behaviour has led it to become one of the finest and well-known brands in the domain of yoga-mat manufacturing.

The yoga mats produced by Microcell are made up of 100% Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This is an eco-friendly compound that does not contain chlorine. Unlike PVC, it does not produce chlorine upon degradation. It is entirely non-toxic, highly elastic, resilient, and water-resistant, and has a superior grip.

So Microcell has gained fame to be the company that exclusively started producing eco-friendly yoga mats. But being environmentally friendly does not mean that Microcell produces inferior-quality products. They have certainly not compromised on quality! The yoga mats made by this brand are highly elastic, meaning that they are resistant to pilling. Also, they are not smelly and can easily be washed and dried when needed. Apart from being non-toxic, they have excellent grip/traction in both wet and dry conditions. So you can say that this brand is socially responsible as well as a provider of quality.

3. Shanghai Eversuccess Industrial Co Ltd.

Another famous yoga mat manufacturer would be the Shanghai Ever success Industrial Company. Over the course of years, the company has established itself as a brand that aims to provide the best of products like yoga mats, sports equipment, etc. So they have a broad product portfolio and are one of the top yoga mat manufacturers of 2021.

This brand is located in Jiangsu, and they export products to different parts of the world. They manufacture both generic and customized yoga mats. Since they own their own factory, they can provide the best products at affordable prices. They offer you a wide selection of fantastic yoga mas to choose from. And if you don’t like any, you can always customize them according to your needs.

The company takes about three days to process orders for generic or general products and about a week for customized orders. The company assures you that all their products are of top-notch quality and are also eco-friendly. Credibility can be guaranteed through the fact that this company has worked in collaboration with various branded companies worldwide.

So the Shanghai Eversuccess company has a good brand reputation brand in the market of health and fitness. Not only do they provide top-class yoga mats, but they also manufacture yoga blocks, Yoga balls, Yoga towels, and other fitness products to foster harmony among your body parts.


In the domain of health and fitness, Famosa comes across as a well-known brand. They are popular manufacturers of yoga mats for a variety of reasons. Established in 2003, this yoga mat manufacturing company has worked long and hard for more than a decade to deliver the best quality yoga mats to their customers.

They have carried out research to turn their goods into environmentally safe products that are entirely non-toxic and capable of being recycled. The company takes pride in the fact that it has taken a step towards sustainability and is actively playing a role in saving the planet from toxic products’ hazards.

By non-toxic, they imply that there are no toxic by-products in their stuff, such as PVC, latex, phthalate, and chloride. The use of PVC in sports equipment like yoga mats had its drawbacks. As discussed earlier, PVC releases chlorine as It degrades. So Famosa company has taken note of this drawback of PVC. They conducted extensive research to make products that are entirely safe for the ecosystem.

Several of their products, such as PVC-Free exercise balls, PVC-free balance cushions, PVC-free Peanut balls, PVC-free hop balls, PVC-free sitting wedges, and latex-free bands, are accessible in eco-friendly series products. In order to remain healthy and have a better lifestyle, they aim to continue to provide their clients with wellness products. Along with this, they aim to keep researching to find more and more ways to produce even better and environmentally safe products for consumers.

A socially responsible company is indeed a reliable one. Suppose a yoga mat manufacturer is concerned about the environment and is trying to play its part in its safety. In that case, it means that that company values the society it operates in. Undoubtedly, Famosa comes across as a reliable yoga mats manufacturer.

5. Ningbo Pidegree Rubber And Plastic Industry

Fifth on the list is the Ningbo Pidegree rubber company. It is yet another well-known company that produced excellent quality yoga mats for export purposes. Their main products include yoga mats, yoga wheels, yoga blocks, yoga rollers, and EVA foaming products.

Ningbo Pedigree is a modern high-tech corporation with a helpful attitude. It was founded in 2008. The company building is situated in a fantastic area of Ningbo. Ningbo is one of the economic centres of the region. It is home to various other companies and can be thought of as a house of industrialization.

The yoga mat manufacturer is efficient and energetic with modern transportation benefits, possibly the best manufacturing, and a thriving economy. They have formed a long-standing, secure, and reciprocal cooperative partnership with customers through quite a great effort, which means that their excellent services and product quality have made them a reliable choice for retailers.

They aim to continue improving internal operations and giving their customers a one package service involving manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and after-sales customer service. The ‘PIDEGREE’ brand product series includes:

  • TPE yoga mat
  • PVC yoga mat
  • EVA foam
  • PE foam
  • Rubber foam XPE foam roll
  • Yoga mats
  • Non-asbestos Rubber cover gasket sheet

The gasket sheet can be made with different characteristics as well as various types of final plastic goods. Apart from this, the company also offers customized services. You are not limited to the available products list, but you can also give them the design/logo that you want, and they will provide you with mats in that particular design. So you are free to be you.

The company is a reliable manufacturer of excellent quality goods that are exported to different parts of the world in bulk. They mainly supply to the domestic market. But they have also entered into the North American and European markets.

All in all, the Ningbo Pidegree brand is a well-reputed and reliable brand that won’t disappoint you in terms of performance or quality. If you’re a retailer and are looking for a manufacturer that will give you customized and high-quality yoga mats, then the Ningbo Pedigree company will surely not disappoint you. Ningbo has a well-deserved spot on our list of top yoga mat brands.

Our top pick

Of course, our favourite yoga mat manufacturer and our top pick is the FYXMat manufacturing company! Not only do they provide excellent quality products, but they also have excellent customer service and quality assurance that is bound to keep you satisfied as a customer.


Yoga mats need to be comfortable and up to the mark to keep customers happy. Quality is not the only thing necessary in this market. Nowadays, people look for eco-friendliness as well. So we have discussed in depth the various manufacturers and the range of products they provide. Make your pick and order away! All the yoga mat manufacturers on the list qualify as the top yoga mat brands of 2021 and will not disappoint you in any regard.

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